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        Georgia Contact - Reginald Turner
 DiasterRelief/Water Crisis - Jeanine German
U.S. Government/International Contact - Malik Scott

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Can you imagine being able to help the homeless and needy in your community? We provide a hygienic solution that does not require running water nor a cleaning solution!
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 On The Geaux Wet Towels (OTG)
provides products that can assist with your many needs, including:
Diaster Relief, Outdoor Recreation, Heating Kits, and Childcare, just to name a few...

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Geaux Towels
On The Geaux Wet Towels are not like your usual paper towels or disposable wipes. Our towels are
Individually Wrapped
100% Cotton
Microwave and Freezer Safe
On The Geaux Wet Towels will be of great value in a wide variety of recreational and professional settings, as well as during outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, playing sports, and in the area of commercial safety.
The unique design and features enable it to hygienically clean and cool its users easily while they are on the go.




Geaux Towels Opportunity

We provide many avenues for your business, sporting events, nonprofit endeavors, or emergency needs. Our product can be stored for later use or used in a moments notice. You can personalize this product providing your clients with an additional service by adding value to their experience. This product is ready to serve you, just as we are.
Customize  Geaux Towels with your LOGO today!
  NEW for the PUBLIC!

*New Self Heating Kit

Our unique self -heating  towel system for preparedness and emergency shelters in areas of public health and hygiene. It has the same funtion as the self-heating  MRE Kit, but we are the combat bathing solution.

*Soap Infusion

We are so proud to launch OTG  Towels with Bio-Neat Soap. It is OTG's newest product innovation and we believe it will change the way people clean laundry, facilities, boats, machinery, and more. Original OTG Towels are still recommended for your everyday routine, but OTG Towels with Bio-Neat Soap can blast through greasier, more stubborn messes with our Bio-Degradable Soap.

Kit Includes: 2 Towels, Heaters, and Pouch
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.